What is it like to present for myLawCLE?


All of myLawCLE’s new CLE programs are video-broadcast live online from resort locations around the country. Some key facts about myLawCLE’s video broadcasts:

    • Programs are streamed live with a live online audience.
    • Broadcasts are viewed in a split screen format with video recording on the left-side of the screen and Power-Point /Course materials are featured on the the right-side.
    • Attendees can ask questions via a chat box on their screen.
    • Speakers are able to see and answer questions via Tele-Prompter/iPad.
    • Speakers stay on-site at 5 star resorts where classes are broadcast.

As a myLawCLE speaker, you are our most valued guest…


myLawCLE speakers are treated like royalty. Some key facts about speaking for myLawCLE:

    • CLE programs are broadcast from 5 star resort locations all around the country.
    • myLawCLE speakers typically fly in the night before their presentation and fly back the day after their presentation.
    • myLawCLE films 8-10 new CLE programs during a week event.
    • myLawCLE staff and CEO joins speakers each night after presentations for dinner and relationship building.
    • Guest speakers are able to meet other presenting attorneys during breaks and meals.
    • myLawCLE covers travel expenses of presenting speakers.

Come be a presenter at our next CLE video production week…

Orlando, FL February 13-17, 2017


myLawCLE will be producing new CLE programs in Orlando, FL, New York, NY, and Washington, D.C. in 2017.

Interested in Speaking for myLawCLE?

If you have a topic or class you would like to have myLawCLE consider for production, please contact Alex Ruff, National CLE Production Manager: aruff@mylawcle.com.