Beyond Tips and Tricks: A hands-on approach to high-level negotiations [Part 1]

Stefano Riznyk
Stefano Riznyk | San Diego Biz Law APC

Stefano's best assets are his litigation strategies and his ability to negotiate very challenging and complex situations that others may feel are non-negotiable.

On-Demand: January 24, 2024

$195.00 1.5 hour CLE

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Program Summary

Welcome to a successful and practical approach to negotiations that goes beyond the conventional tips and tricks. This is not your typical guide to scoring free hotel nights or securing discounts from customer service representatives. Instead, this course delves into the realm of high-stakes, real-world negotiations where complexity abounds, and the outcomes carry significant implications. Dispensing with convoluted acronyms and tedious memorization, the focus is on imparting practical skills drawn from genuine experiences. The aim is to distill these experiences into concise guidelines that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing skill set. Forget about overwhelming PhD dissertations and an overload of study citations; this is a hands-on exploration rooted in the speaker's life sciences background. Drawing from personal experiences rather than theoretical studies, the course emphasizes a pragmatic "if it works, don't fix it" philosophy. Whether you're navigating professional challenges or seeking personal growth, mastering even one concept from this course has the potential to transform your life's trajectory.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • What Makes a Successful Negotiator (The Basics)
  • The Importance of Experience
  • Types of People
  • On the Role of Technology
  • The Challenge: The Magic
  • The Difference Between Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Bargaining
  • Defense Against Manipulative Tactics
  • Mechanisms

Date / Time: January 24, 2024

Closed-captioning available


Stefano Riznyk | San Diego Biz Law APC

Stefano’s best assets are his litigation strategies and his ability to negotiate very challenging and complex situations that others may feel are non-negotiable. He conducts seminars for lawyers nationwide on high-level negotiations and is currently writing a book on the subject. His experience in our immigration department with clients in 54 countries has taught him a lot about human nature and the traits that both identify and surpass cultures, this experience has proven invaluable. He has saved clients and corporations literally millions of dollars as well as careers, as a result of his high-level negotiation skills, having represented political figures, actors, producers, and even federal agents, successfully undoing international kidnapping, blackmail, extortion, and career destruction with no money changing hands.

Stefano, born in England, lived in Rome for a year just over a decade ago, seeking to open a foreign office there, but decided against it, so yes, he speaks Italian. A young entrepreneur, he started business at age 13, and as a result enjoys working with startups. In 2000 he decided to upgrade his business skills and took time to study Strategic Management at Harvard, maintaining an A average. His bachelor’s degree is in Genetics and Biochemistry; this training taught him to think in a highly analytical manner. He spent half of his law school career in Canada and then on vacation discovered San Diego and completed the second half of his education at California Western School of Law in San Diego.

In his spare time, he enjoys both participatory sports, having played equestrian polo for 13 years, followed by acro(batic) yoga for a year until COVID hit. He enjoys cooking, especially Italian meals, and enjoys traveling, especially in Western Europe. Married, he likes to devote his spare time to two companies he created two companies [ and] that help raise money to pay veterinary bills for abused and abandoned dogs. And yes, he did spend a year in fashion school while running his firm so that he could build up Antonio Stefano, his fashion firm, so it would be remiss if we didn’t state that fashion and fashion shows are also interests of his.

At the end of the day, San Diego Biz Law’s success is a team effort. The team is composed of ambitious and driven people who work tirelessly so that the firm’s clients can sleep well at night; one of our members has been with us for 25 years and another for 18, both brilliant in their own right. In fact, at the time of this writing, Stefano is the only member of the team who is not summa cum laude or magna cum laude, so there you go. A soup does not gain its flavor from only one ingredient; it’s the combination, and that is why we our first sentence explained why we don’t advertise them all…we require each and every one of them. Finding great people is expensive, time consuming, and laborious, with no guarantees. When you hire us, you will meet your team and you will understand.


I. What Makes a Successful Negotiator (The Basics) | 12:00pm – 12:10pm

II. The Importance of Experience | 12:10pm – 12:20pm

III. Types of People | 12:20pm – 12:30pm

IV. On the Role of Technology | 12:30pm – 12:40pm

V. The Challenge: The Magic | 12:40pm – 12:50pm

VI. The Difference Between Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Bargaining | 12:50pm – 1:00pm

Break | 1:00pm – 1:10pm

VII. Defense Against Manipulative Tactics | 1:10pm – 1:25pm

VIII. Mechanisms | 1:25pm – 1:40pm